The show

The evening-version of the program

Stage TV is a multimedia stage show; a spectacular mixture of juggling, acrobatic skills, monocycling, artistic skills and accurate video animation. Interactive sequences join the supreme artistic turns and create a linking between the real action on stage and the virtual world of the televisions.

Stage TV is a live show with interference on vision: A program, where the presenter turns into the juggler's ball and where TV's are abused as acrobatic partners. The action on stage is once dictated by the artists and then the screens dominate the course of the show.

This one time the audience doesn't need to choose whether to go to the theatre or rather watch TV: Stage TV provides them with both! ... and they experience a fascinating show, where reality and the virtual world play together in a new and virtuoso manner.

The gala show

Stage TV shows the highlights of the evening program in a shortened gala show. It's a kind of modular assembly with flexible duration.

There are versions from 10 to 40 minutes.

The artists

Romano Carrara is an establishing member of the former group LivingArt and had been on tour all over Europe for 7 years. He shows visually very effective choreographies for juggling and provides a technical very demanding and speedy artistic program. He acquired his actual professionalism in over 800 shows.

The Duo Scacciapensieri, Cornelia Clivio and Lorenz Matter, has been on tour around the planet since 1994 and has been awarded several different prizes (e.g. at the monocycle World Championships in Minneapolis). Both are persuading with an acrobatic performance full of mysticism and a spectacular balance act with both on one monocycle.

The virtual presenter

Since September 2000 Daniela Lager has been presenting the news on Swiss television Schweizer Fernsehen DRS. Before, she was the presenter and editor of the news broadcast «Express» on RTL/Pro Sieben Schweiz; from 1994 to 1999 she was responsible for the «Zürinews» on Tele Züri as well as for the «Swissnews» on Tele 24.

The actor

Caspar Fries is a home-grown musician. He's travelling from tone to tone with Dschané, the Monkee Palace Orchestra and Woman Woman. Moreover he plays comedy roles, as the magistral conductor of the Variety Circus Aladin or as the absent-minded companion in the Living Art Magic Theatre.

The video designer

After three years as a composer and producer of industrial music, Ralph Wiedemeier worked as a project manager for concepts and productions of multimedia shows and events. 1997 he established the company Frame Factory, which develops media concepts for broadcast, fairs and events. He designs individual communication elements from TV trailers to spectacular interactive live multimedia shows.

The direction

The evening version was developed through the collaboration of all participants. It was staged by Brian Lausund. (*1969 in Seattle USA). After studies in acting and directing e.g. in Ulm and Seattle, he's been strongly involved from 1994 to 2000 in the setting up of the Ravensburg theatre. He wrote, played and staged over 30 productions there. He's been living in Hamburg and working as a freelance literary and artistic director since 2000.

The agency

n 1996 Bea Marty established her artist agency and she works among others for the clown and comedy duo Ursus & Nadeschkin (winners of the 2002 German cabaret award, Salzburger Taurus 2001, Swiss cabaret award 1999), the variety production «Perlen, Freaks & Special Guests» and the juggler and co-founder of Stage TV, Romano Carrara. Since the year 2000, Bea Marty has been supporting the formation of Stage TV and is responsible for the pleasantly full schedule.